F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hey, you can only eat candies or throw them on the ground, that's bullshit ! Just be patient ! ;) I have my 5 characters name, but I don't know how to load my game ! When you click the "Save" button, a link appears next to it. You just have to click this link, and you will load your saved game. You can even put the link in your bookmarks, if you want ! If you didn't keep the link but you have your 5 characters name, then just use this address : http://candies.aniwey.net/index.php?pass=xxxxx (you have to replace xxxxx with the 5 characters name which was given to you when you saved) My lollipop production at the farm is stuck.. it's written I should have x/day or x/hour but I don't get anything.. Well, you'll get your lollipops, but it's real hours and real days... you should plant more lollipops to reach an x/min production, it will be more efficient ! I can't find the answer to a question of the frog :'( You can ask a friend for help ! Answers are often simple, but a little bit twisted. I can go to the forge, but all I see is "There's an anvil here.", when can I do ? You don't have the appropriate sword yet.. did you answer all the frog's questions ? ;) I can't buy the 60k spell at the hut ! The sorceress, since she is a sorceress, can only work on magic swords. This is why you have to enchant your sword before being able to buy this spell ! I can see the cauldron in my inventory, but I can't have access to it ?! This bug seems to happen on Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, for example), on some computers. Even if you don't see the cauldron tab on top of the page, you should still be able to access it with the 'right' key of your keyboard. I found a bug !! You can email me at aniwey@gmail.com. I'll be pleased to try to correct it ! I have a question, a remark, or anything else. You can email me at aniwey@gmail.com. Don't hesitate ;)