I'm stuck :(

You can ask a friend or try the wiki. And if you can't find your answer anywhere, you can contact me at aniwey@gmail.com.

I found a bug!

That would be very nice of you to report it by sending me a mail at aniwey@gmail.com. Thanks!

Note that the following are NOT bugs :

Which language did you use to make the game?

The game is written in TypeScript, a language which compiles to javascript using tsc, the TypeScript compiler. There's also a bit of HTML and a bit of CSS. You can get more information about the source code here.

Where can I find more informations about the source code / ascii art?

You can check the source code page and the ascii art page.

I'd like to make a translation! How should I proceed?

If you want to make a new translation, you can simply contact me at aniwey@gmail.com. All languages are welcome!

I'd like to donate!

Wow, that's nice! Donations will help me to cover the server costs (since there are no ads, I'm actually losing money right now ^^), and if the server costs are covered, will help me to develop other cool free games in the future :)

You can currently donate to my paypal account by clicking the button below :

If you use bitcoin, you can also donate to my bitcoin address : 18mZSqnexLfbBRjox5GVPtPGc8DQmDA3bo